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Maine Horse and Rider
5 Debeck Drive
Holden, ME 04429
Phone: 207-989-7005
Fax: 207-989-8004
We have the right feed for all of your horse and livestock needs!
At Maine Horse and Rider, we understand that trying to determine the best feed for your horse can be challenging. We will take the time to discuss your horses's body condition, his work load, what he is currently being fed and any special concerns that you have to help you select the very best feed for him.  We carry high-quality Nutrena, Purina and Triple Crown feeds and Progressive Nutrition supplements. We have many experts available to us if we don't have the answer to any of your nutrition questions.  We also carry a full line of livestock feeds for chickens, pigs, goats and more!​

We offer good quality hay in square bales grown and harvested by local farmers here in Maine and straw when available. We carry Lucerne Farms forage as well. 

We also carry Nutrena Loyall™ premium pet food. Loyall™ is different from other pet food in that they have patented the way that they cook the food making it more digestible and locking in more nutrients which means less digestive problems and healthier pets! Loyall™ has been recently reformulated to create the Loyall Life™ products. All Loyall Life™ products are corn, wheat and soy free and many are completely grain free. All are made with high quality ingredients using the Opti-Cook™ process for healthy, happy pets. Follow the links to learn more about all of the Loyall™ and Loyall Life™ products.

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We have feed for all of your horse and livestock needs!